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Can I have the sitter come the day before our booking to allow my children to become acquainted with her?

          Unfortunately not. We recommend booking your sitter 15-30 minutes earlier then when you are leaving, to allow for your children to feel comfortable with her. 

Can my babysitter drive my children to activities such as going to the movie theater or bowling?

             Due to liability reasons, our sitters cannot drive children in their vehicles. They can however, accompany your children in public transportation such as a bus, hotel shuttle, taxi, uber, lyft, etc. You will be responsible for all associated transportation fees, including activity costs for your sitter. However, our sitters cannot install car seats in to public transportation vehicles. If your child is young enough to require a carseat, it may be better that the sitter not take your child out. 

If I use a sitter during the day for more than 4 hours, can we have her come back in the evening for 2-3 hours so we can go out for dinner, without paying another 4 hour minimum?

          If you are planning to go out within an hour of arriving back from your day activities, and want to give your sitter a break, that is ok. If it will be more than an hour before you are going out for the evening, you will need to use the 4 hour minimum or book a different sitter. The reason being is that we have sitters that drive up from the Salt Lake and Utah Valley areas so it makes it a little inconvenient for them to have to wait around for evening jobs. 

What if I want to use a babysitter for 2 hours one night and 2 hours the next night, can I add them together to make the 4 hour minimum?

          Unfortunately not. A 4 hour minimum is required each day. 


Your policy is that 5+ children require multiple sitters, if a majority of our children are older, do we still need to have 2 sitters? 


          We will consider each situation but if there are multiple newborns and or toddlers, we will require 2 sitters. If all of the children are older, we may allow for just one sitter but each situation will be carefully evaluated and it is up to our discretion whether multiple sitters will be needed. 

Do you have a location that we can bring our children to?

          We do not have a drop-off child care center. All babysitting jobs will take place in your hotel room, condo, home, etc.  

We are planning to go snow tubing with our group but our toddler is not of the required age, can we have a sitter come along to play with our toddler while we tube with our older kids?

          Absolutely! Please specify this when booking so our sitter can come prepared with her proper snow attire. Please keep in mind though, when younger children see their older siblings doing something fun, it may make it hard for them to not be able to participate in the same activities. 

We forgot our baby monitor, do you rent baby equipment?

          We do not currently rent equipment but we can offer recommendations for rental gear companies.


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